Posted on: September 1, 2009 5:45 pm
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Needed Harden for a better shot at Hardware

The Twins needed to get a deal done for Harden

By: Christopher Torola

The Twins took a stab at trying to bring over Rich Harden from the Chicago Cubs, but the two sides were unable to reach an agreement. Rumor has it that the Cubs wanted the Twins best two minor league prospects, Aaron Hicks and Ben Revere, both outfielders. Obviously I have no idea what went on during negotiations but I do know two things. The first, the Cubs need outfielders for the next few years. None of Milton Bradley, Alfonso Soriano, or Koske Fukudome have too much left in the tank. The second being, the Twins are stacked with outfielders. Between Carlos Gomez, Denard Span, Jason Kubel, Michael Cuddyer, and Delmon Young... along with Revere and Hicks, you would think that a deal should have been obtainable. 

If Harden would have been added to the Twins rotation they would have had decent 4 man roster for the playoffs, not to mention the extra push that may be needed to catch up to the Tigers. Scott Baker, Rich Harden, Carl Pavano, and Nick Blackburn could match up pretty well with most teams, as long as the Twins bats kept putting up big numbers.

I still see the Twins winning the American League Central, but I doubt that Brian Duensing or Jeff Manship would strike much fear into the hearts of opposing  hitters should the Twins make the post season.

Posted on: June 16, 2009 2:33 pm
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One For The Road.

Despite a recent slew of injuries, the Twins play .500 ball on the road.

By: Christopher Torola

The Twins just completed a ten game road trip, and came away with as many wins as losses. Not bad considering that Nick Punto spent most of that time on the DL, and during the trip the Twins lost at least some playing time from Michael Cuddyer (finger), Denard Span (dizziness), and Joe Crede (back). If the Twins can win games with only eighty percent of the best players on the field, they should be able to play even better once back at full strength. All that being said, the rest of the American League central played just as well or better over their last ten games, and the Twins are now three games out of first place.

On the road trip where the Twins played the Mariners, the Athletics, and the Cubs; the boys from Minnesota never gave up more then four runs in any of their losses. Francisco Liriano and Scott Baker each pitched two games and had quality starts on all of their outings. If they can keep that up, the Twins should quickly pick up games on the Tigers to sit atop the division. Justin Morneau has not completely broken out of his slump. The most telling stat for him on this road trip is that he struck out seven times and only walked once. As if we need a reminder how good Joe Mauer is playing, as he continues to seemingly hit the ball at will his average actually dropped while getting fifteen hits in forty-two at bats. It also appears that Twin's outfielders Delmon Young (ten hits) and Carlos Gomez (six hit in the seven games he got at-bats) are starting to play their way back to respectability.

The rest of the month is spent in inter-league play (and two games at Kansas City). The Twins will host the Pirates and the Astros this week. Both teams have been playing well their during the last 10 games, but remain tied for last place at the bottom of their division. Taking that into account as well as the fact that the Twins are five and one in the National League Central so far this year, it would seem like a perfect time to pick up some ground on the Tigers who just lost two out of three to the Pirates and are now playing the much tougher Brewers and Cardinals.

It should be an enjoyable rest of the month to watch, as inter-league play is always fun to watch, especially if your a Twins fan.

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